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Previsioning© Workshops - Sample programme.


Depending on the size of the group, and the range of issues to cover, the following sessions could      be held intensively over the course of a single day, or spread out over 2 – 4 separate days.  


We will discuss the best structure to address your needs and work on a detailed design for the

individual sessions – if necessary using outside research or selected interviews internally


Please see here for a series of case studies of the process in a number of specific situations.


Session One: Customer Needs. 

What will shape future demand for our services? 


This session will focus on anticipating future opportunities by getting inside the customer mindset

and how it is changing.  We will also explore longer term trends such as generational cohort effects

and new segmentations and buying behaviours.


Session Two:  Industry Dynamics. 

What will change our ability to generate profit and what can we do about it?


This session looks at where the strategic opportunities lie and what type of firm is best placed to profit. We look at the value chain, sales channels, new forms of outsourcing and new entrants such

as aggregators, to help our clients position themselves for the future.


Session Three:  Great Brands. 

If a brand such as Amazon, Dell, or Tesco entered our market, what would they do and what could we learn?

This is an interesting way to develop a response to the questions raised by sessions One and Two

and one clients are often inspired by.


Session Four: ‘Destroy and Rebuild’. 

What is not fit for purpose, and what should we do about it in practice?


Please see here for a range of other exercises that may be included.


Who should be involved?


An important decision is who to include. This could be the product, marketing or strategy team

itself, but it can be helpful to include other people from around the business. Near term pressures normally make it difficult for executives to explore these issues with colleagues or to test their own intuition about priorities A cross-functional approach is usually required, bringing together the

people who can contribute all the relevant perspectives.


What will the outputs be?


Each of the sessions will have a clear set of outputs – These will be fully documented and made available to all of the participants.  Most clients request a report drawing together the outputs into

a coherent story that can be used to brief other teams.





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