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Previsioning© workshops are a series of structured sessions to help improve the quality of thinking

about innovation processes or new initiatives. They help management to think clearly about their

customers and businesses and about their assumptions for the future.

They can be used either to think about the strategic and market approach for a mainstream business,

or they can be used to interrogate a specific initiative within an innovation programme:

Please see here for an outline of a sample programme.


What is Previsioning©?

Previsioning© helps senior management to create a framework within which to think more precisely

and laterally about their businesses:

Identify assumptions in their business. Each individual within a business holds a set of beliefs

about customers and how the business operates. These are often not made explicit and often diverge

from the corporate consensus.

Capture more valuable insight. Usually business decisions are informed by top-down information

e.g. industry statistics, quantitative research, management accounts. While these are valuable, many

of the drivers of the business may not by picked up in these ways, but require an understanding of

more subtle behavioural and attitudinal changes, behavioural and cost responses to technology etc

Use this understanding to develop a defined agenda. This is not creativity for the sake of it.

Rather than producing a laundry list of ideas, workshops produce a focussed and prioritised set of

next steps, whether these be questions to be answered or actions for implementation. A recent client, from a major retail bank, has commented:


 ‘It’s the best workshop we’ve ever had - we normally just have a nice time but  then go back to work and forget all about it. Now we have next steps planned which we all agree on’.


Please see here for some examples of the kind of questions Previsioning© workshops are designed to answer.

How is this achieved?


We have 20 years of experience of working with financial services clients on growth, strategy and

innovation and have developed creative and distinctive Previsioning exercises informed by that


We can use what we know about the industry to help you to explore issues in an informed context. We have conducted research into the majority of the financial service markets and understand many of the behavioural and motivational factors that drive customer decisions.

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