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Our approach to working with clients on growth and innovation is to help our clients address the issues confronting them, not to push particular techniques. This means we address a wide range of issues and bring to bear the full range of methodologies.

The following illustrate the range of topics we address.

  • Market and opportunity analysis
    Definition and sizing
    Fresh Segmentations
    Competition – strategies, positioning, strengths and weaknesses
    Market entry strategies

  • Environmental change, its impact and required response
    Government policy

  • New product/proposition development
    Creative processes, themed workshops
    Stretching and building ideas
    Business cases, piloting and prototyping
    Launch propositions and development
    Value creation and value capture
    Scope for disruption, Competitive strategies
    Decision-making processes, stage gates
    Building internal capabilities and processes

  • Sales channel strategies
    Single and multiple channels
    Direct, intermediated and influenced
    Affinities, third party and employee/worksite
    On/offline blends

  • Customer management
    Lifetime value
    Loyalty, retention

  • Pricing strategy
    Competing in price competitive markets
    Pricing research
    Pricing economics

  • Performance analysis
    Revenue & cost analysis
    Pricing research and analysis
    Profitability and contribution modelling

  • Brand strategy
    Brand translation across different media and sales channels

  • Developing new organisational structures
    New business models
    Sourcing, outsourcing. insourcing
    New technology platforms and delivery channels
    Reward systems

  • Acquisition search and screening

  • Market due diligence
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