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A natural development of our work with clients on innovative projects is to help them with training their own staff and to improve their own innovation processes. This may be appropriate in a number of situations but the most pressing one is that senior management are looking for a better ROI on their investment in any innovation process.

More specifically: clients may have no dedicated team in place and uses ad-hoc resources so the reliance on a good process becomes paramount; a new team may have been set up and needs to develop its approach; an existing team may have a pipeline of modest ideas taking up resources, or is good at producing incremental ideas but does not develop anything game changing, and needs a way of adding more value; or the innovation team is working in a vacuum and cannot engage the support of the wider organisation  to implement.

Our approach is tailored to the client. This might include for example:

A short innovation training course for staff

We run a bespoke 2-day innovation training course to provide staff with the skills necessary to successfully implement innovation. This course also helps to raise the profile of innovation in the firm and to engage the wider marketing, sales, IT and finance teams. 

Please see here for more detailed information on this course

Workshops to explore and strengthen the approach to innovation

A series of workshops over several weeks to help them improve their approach to developing investment cases and to support better decision-making all the way through the process of developing and investing in specific projects.

Please see here for a recent case study.

The benefits to our clients of this service are to:

  • Improve the ROI of any investment in innovation and product and service development
  • Ensure innovation resources and process are directed in a way compatible with the overall strategy and with the way in which decisions are taken within the company
  • Achieve clarity of thought about the innovation process itself and a realistic sense of what is feasible
  • Build the skills in the team necessary to create, develop and implement the good ideas needed to grow the business
  • Raise the profile of the innovation activity in general
  • Improve the 'hit rate' of the internal team and, ultimately, to increase the revenues from implemented innovation projects




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