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Lawrence Somerset is distinctive in its approach to growth strategy in that we are able to bridge disciplines that are often pursued in isolation to build relevant insight into what action our clients should take.

Our particular strength lies in combining a genuinely effective approach to innovation that combines the best from the client with fresh thinking from the outside, real customer insight from our own in-house research, and an understanding of sector strategy built over the last 15 years, so that value is created by a new initiative. 


Our approach is to help our clients address the issues confronting them, not to push particular techniques.

In practice we achieve this by defining a clear thinking process to resolve the business issue, inform that thinking with all the necessary discussion, research and analysis and work with our client to build consensus with stakeholders throughout.  Have a look at the chart on the next page to see how this works.

We also work in joint project teams to build on the capabilities of our clients’ organisations, and to help to transfer skills and knowledge to in-house teams.




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