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Capturing value from an understanding of sector strategies

Our clients need to innovate not only to differentiate their businesses and create new value, but also to capture that value once created – and stop it leaching to customer, intermediaries or better-placed competitors.
We work with clients to understand the market and competitive context into which they are placing their innovations so that maximum benefit may be derived. 

This entails detailed work in the following areas:

  • Understanding the readiness of the target market and whether it will take up the new service.
  • Understanding the strategies of other participants in the value chain, where the value is added, and securing key relationships
  • Understanding the opportunity for disruption in the market and how ready a sector is to be destabilised.
  • Determining the strengths and weaknesses of major competitors to position new initiatives for success.
  • Exploiting the bases of differentiation and making sure they are enhanced.
  • Positioning the launch proposition so that it does not cause an undue competitive reaction.
  • Developing the launch proposition so that customers are taken on a journey.

We discuss these issues with our clients up front and ensure that the necessary thinking is done in parallel with the creative work.

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