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How we work in practice....


Defining a Thinking Process. We start with defining the problem in hand, and agreeing the scope of the work – frequently growth in a particular business, market, channel or product line. We will then generate ideas on how revenue growth can best be achieved, and frame the overall direction for growth. This forms the basis for the thinking process that, through rigorous testing and stretching, will result in the eventual growth strategy and programme for action.

Informing, Testing and Stretching. We then explore and test out these ideas through discussion throughout the organisation, carrying out external research, building future scenarios and analysing markets, competitors and financials, and stretching the initial ideas and turning them into initiatives and customer propositions. This focuses the ‘heavy lifting’ work on the issues in hand and avoids wasted effort.

Building Consensus & Commitment. In parallel, we work with executives to build consensus on the outcomes both to identify the art of the possible and to ensure the necessary commitment to action and follow through that will be required to build revenues in a sustainable way.

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